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Book Title: FlexVet: How to Be One, How to Hire One. The Comprehensive Practice Guide for Relief and Part-time Veterinarians
ISBN: 1885780168

Author: Carin A. Smith, DVM

Year Published: 2006

Helpful to: Managers and Veterinarians

Brief Review: The materials in FlexVet are the result of several years of work. Much of the information is derived from two long-standing classics: The Relief Veterinarian’s Manual (and Survival Guide) and The Employer’s Guide to Hiring Relief and Part-time Veterinarians. We found, over the years, that the information needed by relief veterinarians, part-timers, and employers often overlapped.

FlexVet includes information for everyone to better control their lives and schedules. Practice owners and practice managers can assess their needs and then find the appropriate person to fill those needs. Veterinarians who desire more flexibility or choice can determine whether relief or part-time work is best for their situation. Employers report that their greatest concerns about hiring flex-vets are “matching of practice values and standards” and “matching of schedules to fit our needs" Reading this book can help you do both, plus you can ensure you have people in the correct legal classification: part time, or independent contractor status.

Reviewers Comments: FlexVet includes tips for contracts and letters for relief doctors, plus a wealth of information about flexible and part-time work schedules. Learn how to better integrate part-timers into the schedule for continuity and consistency in hospital operations and pet care. Use the templates on the CD to make sure you cover important details with your relief doctors. Carin A. Smith, DVM

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