From the Manager's Bookshelf - Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Compliance Manual
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Book Title: Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Compliance Manual

Author: Phil Seibert, Jr. CVT

Year Published: 2003

Helpful to: Managers, Owners, Supervisors, All Employees

Reviewer: Debbie Hill, CVPM

Brief Review: The Complete Veterinary Regulatory Compliance Manual is considered the most practical and authoritative in the profession. Because he (Phil Seibert, Jr. CVT) has taken the lead in  "deciphering" the regulatory agency rules affecting the veterinary profession and has been able to provide practical, veterinary-specific advice, Phil has earned the reputation of the veterinary profession's OSHA expert.

Reviewers Comments: Debbie Hill, CVPM says "The Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Manual is one of my most often grabbed references. Mr. Seibert has outlined the safety guidelines for veterinary practices from licenses & permits, OSHA & basic hospital safety, radiology, pharmacy rules, including controlled substance rules, and a multitude of human resources issues.  There is a wealth of information and straight forward advice for creating policies for your practice and a cd is included to make creating these easy. This is definitely the safety and OSHA reference for veterinary practices and is on the CVPM recommended reading list. In my opinion, this is definitely a must have for managers and is not cost prohibitive.

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