Emerging Leader - Johana Beresky
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VHMA Emerging Leader

Johana Beresky
Practice Manager
Lein Animal Clinic
Seattle, WA

I confess: I’m a recovering micromanager. My biggest challenge has been to comfortably delegate the everyday tasks. I say “recovering” because it is a daily battle to exert self-control and trust that my team will do a better job than I expect them to.  Over the years I’ve gathered pieces of advice that have eased my transition into a non-micromanager.

Hire the right people.  When hiring someone, I ask: ‘Could this person, with training, do my job’?  If so, I am more likely to hire them.  I trust they will perform competently, even in my absence.

Give good instructions.  Focus on the purpose of the task, but remain flexible about how it’s completed.  Never make assumptions about how your instructions will be interpreted.

Empower. Not every suggestion needs to be acted upon, but having my team feel that they can take charge and improve their workplace makes my job more enjoyable.

Follow-up. Requesting status updates shows them that I value their work and that I’m holding them accountable.

Don’t take tasks back! –It’s easy to think “It’ll be faster if I do this on my own, but after tasks start piling up, the next thought is: “Why did I take this back?”  One of my favorite books about this topic is The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, by Kenneth Blanchard. 

Relax and Grow.  Having more time to attend professional meetings and learning from other seasoned managers has allowed me to grow in ways I would not have been able to had I not learned effective delegation.

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