CVPM Appeals Process
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A participant in the Certification Program may appeal in writing to CVPM Board for review of the final determination of a candidate's noneligibility or nonadmittance to the Certification Program, for review of final examination scores or for a hearing on any other complaint pertaining to the CVPMB 's final actions.  The procedures for a program candidate/certified professional's appeal are as outlined below.

A decision affirming an action or determination of the CVPM Board adverse to a Certification Program participant shall be by a three-fifths vote. The decision of the CVPM Board shall be final in the matter under consideration.

a. Application/Renewal Grievance

This policy affords program candidates and certified professionals an opportunity to appeal a decision by the CVPM Board if an application is denied or if a re-credential application is denied.

  1. The program candidate/certified professional is informed in writing of his or her denied application within 60 days of submittal. Notification of denial must state the reason for the denial or request for additional documentation required to complete the application, stating to the individual the reason that such information is necessary.
  2. The program candidate/certified professional has 60 days to resubmit requested materials.
  3. Upon receipt, the application is reviewed for completeness and accuracy. If the application is again denied, another notice is mailed to the program candidate/certified professional stating the reason for the denial or request for additional documentation, stating to the individual the reason that such information is necessary.  This time a 30-day time frame for resubmittal is allowed.
  4. Upon receipt of newly-submitted materials, the application is again reviewed and if determined incomplete, program candidate/certified professional is asked to resubmit the application in full, with all elements complete.
  5. Process continues until program candidate/certified professional is able to complete all the required portions of the application to the satisfaction of the CVPMB.

b. Examination Appeals Process

The appeals process is made available to all program candidates who, upon receipt of their exam results, choose to contest these results.

  1. The program candidate has 30 days from the date of receipt of their examination score to request an appeal in writing, sent by certified mail, to the CVPM Board.  Only the candidate may request an appeal.
  2. Upon receipt of the written request for appeal, the candidate's examination answer sheet will be re-scored.
  3. After the candidate's examination answer sheet has been re-scored, the CVPM Board will notify the candidate in writing if he or she passed or failed the examination based on the re-scoring.
  4. If a program candidate does not successfully pass the examination after the appeals process is complete, he or she can apply to retake the written examination within two years of the last failed examination date, additional fees are required.
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