Mrs. Jessie Merritt

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Oswego Veterinary Hospital
590 3rd St
Lake Oswego, OR
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Work: 503-636-3001
Fax: 503-699-9367
Mobile: 971-235-1234
Practice Manager,
Oswego Veterinary Hospital
Gold MVP

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Practice Manager,
Oswego Veterinary Hospital


  • Jessie Merritt CVPM is currently the Practice Manager of a five DVM animal hospital in a suburb of Portland Oregon. Ms. Merritt has enthusiastically participated in the veterinary profession since entering the field in 1988. Since Jessie has held almost every position in the profession, she believes it offers her a valuable insight and perspective of team life in the trenches that has enhanced building successful relationships with her team and peers. Ms. Merritt entered management in 2000 and has embraced this area of the profession with her usual enthusiasm and passion. She believes strongly that the success of a practice lies within a stable team that understands and champions the vision of the practice and that vision must embrace customer service in addition to medical excellence.chair on the Membership Committee, and as a member on the Board of Directors. Jessie also enjoys participating in various veterinary social networks and also helps facilitate the monthly meeting and general organization of a group of local Practice Managers whose insight, wisdom and wit she greatly admires.Ms. Merritt believes her profession is unique in the challenges and rewards it can bring and is a personal advocate and supporter of the up and coming manager in the field. She passionately believes Veterinary Practice Managers can and should be an incredible value to their practice and she is always available for networking and brainstorming ideas and new concepts.


  • Practice Manager

Degree (Certifications)


Educational Background

  • CVPM
  • SPHR

Years in Veterinary Practice Management

  • 9 to 10 years

Years in the Veterinary Industry

  • 23 to 24 years

Practice Management Software

  • IDEXX Cornerstone

Practice Type

  • Small Animal

Ownership Type

  • Privately Owned (e.g. DVM(s) own practice)

Annual Revenue

  • $1,000,000 to $2,000,000

Number of Hospital Administrators, Full-Time

  • 0

Number of Practice Managers, Full-Time

  • 1

Number of Office Managers, Full-Time

  • 1

Number of DVMs, Full-Time

  • 3

Number of Non-DVM, Full-Time

  • 18

Number of Non-DVM, Part-Time

  • 1