The VHMA Emerging Leaders program is intended to create an opportunity for the next generation of veterinary management professionals to become engaged in the association in meaningful ways that contributes to their professional growth, as well as energizes the association with new leaders and future direction of the profession. 

This program was specifically developed with the youngest generation of managers in mind. As an association we need to ensure that we are meeting the needs of next generation if we wish to stay relevant, and the youngest generation needs opportunities to become engaged without fear. As you know, the next generation has different values, opinions and expectations. This program was developed in an attempt to bridge those gaps.

The Emerging Leaders program will identify two (2) veterinary management professionals annually, who have exhibited the potential for growth in their practice and within the association.


$2,500 scholarship (maximum, per year to be used toward the following)
•    VHMA Annual Meeting and Conference registration and travel
•    CVPM Certification - application/testing (scholarship covers up to two attempts to sit for the CVPM)
•    CVPM Preparation Workbook


The Designation of VHMA Emerging Leader last for a two-year period.


#1. Must meet current CVPM Certification program qualifications:*

  • Active employment as a practice manager for a minimum of three (3) years within the last seven (7)
  • Eighteen (18) college semester hours in management related courses
  • Forty-eight (48) hours of continuing education courses, seminars, etc., specifically devoted to management
  • (4) letters of recommendation

#2. Candidates must be 40 or under at the time of the application.

#3. Applicant must be a VHMA member in good standing.

As a part of the application process, program candidates will submit a 750-word management article (article subject : Tell us about your biggest challenge as a practice manager and how you over came it.). The committee will use the article as a part of the selection process for identifying the five emerging leaders. VHMA reserves the right to later publish the article in the association newsletter.

*Current CVPMs do not qualify. If you already have an active CVPM application and are selected to participate in the program, your examination and CVPM Preparation Workbook fees may be reimbursed. All standard CVPM policies and procedures apply.


Because this designation is intended to foster future leaders in the association and the profession, it is expected that the VHMA Emerging Leader “gives back” in the following ways throughout their two year tenure:

•    Serve as a member of a current VHMA standing committee.
•    Serve as a member of the Emerging Leaders Focus Group.
•    Attend the VHMA Annual Meeting and Conference annually.
•    Present an educational Webinar OR submit an article for publication in the VHMA’s Practice Pulse newsletter on a topic of expertise.
•    Serve as an ambassador to promote the program, the association, and the profession.
•    Earn the CVPM certification designation.


Applications for the 2014 Emerging Leaders Class are due by Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Your CVPM application and 750-word management article must be complete and submitted by this date.


Checklist to complete your VHMA Emerging Leader Program application:
#1. Complete and submit online program application
#2. Complete and submit the CVPM application (follow all of the instructions provided in the application)
#3. Complete and submit your 750-word management article to the VHMA Office.





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