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Book Title: Peaks and Valleys
ISBN: 978-1-4391-0325-8

Author: Spencer Johnson

Year Published: 2009

Helpful to: Leaders - Owners - Really anyone!

Brief Review:
Get out of a Valley sooner...
Stay on a Peak longer...
Have more peaks and fewer valleys!

Reviewers Comments: What a great book - simple, quick read by the same author as "Who Moved My Cheese." He really outlines how people handle the high points and the low points in life - both personally and professionally. It isn't always the events themselves that shape us and our outlook, but how we HANDLE those events that will actually bring us to our next high point, and out of a low point.

It was difficult not to think of this book as a perfect use for those who have the "doom and gloom" approach to the economical crisis in our country. We have to find a way to deal with it positively. That is likely the best way and will allow us to see the positives that come from a negative. There are many applications for the theories taught in the book.

I enjoyed it and read it cover-to-cover on a plane ride. That's my kind of book!    Michelle Guercio, CVT, CVPM

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