From the Manager's Bookshelf - Mandated Benefits 2010 Compliance Guide
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Book Title: Mandated Benefits 2010 Compliance Guide

: 978-07355-8269-9

Author:  Wolters Kluwer (Aspen Pulishers)

Year Published: 2010

Helpful to: Human Resources

Brief Review:  Is a comprehensive and practical refernce manual covering key federal regulatory issues that must be addressed by human resources (HR) managers, benefits specialists, and company executives in all industries. Frequent changes in employment laws, coupled with the need to recruit and retain top talent while simultaneously holding down costs, present these professionals with an array of challenges on a daily basis.
It helps take the guesswork out of managing employee benefits and human resources by clearly and concisely describing the essential requirements and administrative processes necessary to comply with each regulation. The Guide offers suggestions for protecting employers against the most common litigation threats and recommendations for handling various types of employee problems.

Reviewers Comments: it is very helpful in that it covers all up to date laws and at the end of each law it tells you which states that it applies too. Very helpful especially if you are updating your employee handbook.   Roni Sells, Hospital Manager

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