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Book Title: Switch

ISBN:  9780385528757

Author:  Chip and Dan Heath

Year Published:  2010

Helpful to: Managers trying to impact change

Brief Review: This book discusses how to get things accomplished. It speaks about addressing the 3 basic components of any situation, ‘directing the rider’, ‘motivating the elephant’ and ‘shaping the path’ when you are trying to create change.

The rider is our intellectual brain or the part of us that requires the how’s and the what’s. The elephant is the emotional side of us that requires us ‘to be moved’ and the path is, well, the path or the environment that helps to drive behavior.
When 'directing the rider' we need to consider looking at what is working already, think in terms of correcting specific behavior, and setting up things to look forward to.
When 'motivating the elephant' we need to get to the 'feeling (belief systems)' of why we are doing what, make the change seem 'not so big', and 'grow the people' so the size of the change is properly proportional. 

When 'shaping the path' we need to 'tweak the environment', 'build habits' and 'rally the herd'. 

Reviewers Comments: 

Cassy Allbritton, CVPM, CCRA... great book, we all have an 'elephant' within ourselves to control.

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