Code of Ethics

The VHMA Pledge

I pledge myself to: Comply with the principles and declarations of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, Inc.'s code of professional ethics. Maintain and promote the profession of veterinary practice management. I will assure my continued growth and development as a professional by utilizing, to the highest extent possible, the facilities offered to me for continuing the professional education and refinement of my management skills. Seek and maintain an equitable, honorable and co-operative association with fellow members of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, Inc. and with all others who may become a part of my business and professional life. Play a fundamental role in maintaining excellence and quality of care to our clients and their animals. Place honesty, integrity and industriousness above all else, and gainfully pursue my profession with diligent study and dedication so that service to my employer shall always be maintained at the highest possible level. Keep all information concerning the business or personal affairs of my employer confidential, except as may otherwise be required or compelled by applicable law or regulation. Protect the employer's funds and property under my control. Information gathered, maintained or produced within the veterinary practice is the property of the practice owner and will not be reproduced, shared or distributed outside the practice without consent of the owner.