Benchmark Reports

Compensation and Benefits Survey

The VHMA Compensation and Benefits Survey is designed to examine the level of compensation and benefits provided to Non-DVM Staff, Associate DVMs and Veterinary Managers in North America. The survey is conducted on a bi-annual basis and provides a comprehensive report to help managers compare their current pay structure to remain competitive in today’s market.

The bi-annual report includes compensation characteristics broken down by:

  • position and responsibilities
  • credentials
  • years of experience
  • type of practice
  • years at the current location
  • split shifts and
  • geographical region

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The bi-annual report is provided free to VHMA members. 

Nonmembers may purchase the 2023 report here.

Insiders' Insight Monthly Report

VHMA’s Insiders’ Insight benchmark reports, KPI and Management Trends, provide a snapshot of current economic performance and best practices on issues impacting the profession.  The KPI reports, powered by Vetsource Data Services, track changes in Revenue, Patient Visits, and Patients. New to the report is a performance comparison of VHMA member practices to non-VHMA member practices. The number of participating member practices varies but averages over 5,000 per month, 15% of which are VHMA member practices. Data is representative of companion animal practices only. Special reports provide an in-depth focus on a particular topic. The KPI monthly blog commentary highlights areas that deserve attention and provides actionable takeaways.

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These monthly report is provided free to VHMA members.