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A Practice Champion for Preventive Pet Healthcare Makes All the Difference WHITE PAPER

VHMA is pleased to announce the publication of a white paper that describes a proven approach for guiding veterinary practices towards a more focused approach to preventive care, essential for delivering optimum well-being for canine and feline patients. The white paper is titled, “A Practice Champion for Preventive Pet Healthcare Makes All the Difference.”

As its title implies, the white paper asserts that a successful transition to prioritizing preventive care requires a Champion from within the practice to lead the effort.

The white paper recognizes the significance of Your Guide to Becoming a Practice Champion (the Guide), a workbook that provides a step-by-step process for leading the transformation. The Guide was developed by experienced practice managers, veterinary technicians, and consultants through VHMA’s collaboration with Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP), an alliance of over 100 veterinary associations, colleges, and animal health companies under the leadership of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

The paper explains how a practice Champion, using the Guide, can ensure successful, consistent implementation of preventive pet healthcare in their practices.

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Preventive Pet Healthcare WORKBOOK

Preventive healthcare is an important part of your commitment to quality care for your patients. But, at any busy practice, preventive pet healthcare can get lost during the non-stop action of a regular day. Sometimes it takes a talented, passionate someone to remind the practice team to keep preventive healthcare a priority in your clinic. That someone can be you!

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Preventive Pet Healthcare: Your Guide to Becoming a Practice Champion is a workbook developed by your peers, designed for you. It’s your guide to lead a step-by-step process to increase the emphasis on preventive healthcare in your practice. It includes tips from getting support from your practice leadership to developing effective ways to roll out plans to the entire staff. You can use this workbook to help your team become aligned on your practice’s philosophy and speak with one voice. Let this workbook be your roadmap to making a difference with your patients, clients, practice, team and you.

Learn new leadership skills to earn new leadership responsibilities at your practice by becoming a Champion of preventive pet healthcare today. Whether you’re an old pro at leading initiatives or an enthusiastic first-timer, this workbook has everything you need. You can do this!! 

VHMA Members can order the Champion's Workbook for $49, non-members may order the Champion's Workbook for $89.

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VHMA Preventive Pet Healthcare: Your Guide to becoming a Practice Champion