Program Updates & Annual Activities

Coronavirus Accommodations

March 27, 2020

The CVPM Board is grateful for the enthusiastic and generous support that our members provide to the CVPM program and the association. In times of crisis, change, and uncertainty, one thing remains constant: VHMA members are willing to do their best to ensure the profession, association, and industry thrives, and we thank you!

The world has come face-to-face with an enemy that threatens the health and well-being of people, pets, as the country’s economic viability. The CVPM Board fully understands the magnitude of the global Coronavirus crisis and its implications. The Board strongly encourages members to prioritize the health, safety, and well being of their families, staff, patients, and the sustainability of their businesses.

Those of you concerned about maintaining or earning certification at this time should know that the Board recognizes access to continuing education is limited, travel is curtailed, and financial resources are strained and in question. In response to these conditions, the CVPM Board has approved the following accommodations for those CVPM members and candidates who are immediately impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.


07/01/2019 CVPM Renewals
Non-compliance deadlines (07/01/2020) are now extended to 12/01/2020, and the in-person continuing education (CE) requirement is waived, allowing this group of CVPM members to submit up to 48 hours of Qualified E-Learning to renew. Applicable CE must be earned between July 1, 2017, and 12/01/2020, and virtual education must meet the program’s regular standard for Qualified E-Learning. Renewal and late fees are not changed.

07/01/2020 CVPM Renewals
Renewal deadlines(07/01/2020) are now extended to 12/01/2020, and the in-person continuing education (CE) requirement is waived, allowing this group of CVPM members to submit up to 48 hours of Qualified E-Learning to renew. Renewals received after 12/31/2020 will be assessed a $100 late fee in addition to the regular renewal fee. Renewal and late fees are not changed.

Each CVPM enjoys a 12-month grace period, for this group that ends 07/01/2021, which is the final non-compliance deadline.


April 2020 Examination Administration (April 20-25, 2020)
Candidates that are already registered with a local test center who can still take the examination and wish to do so can proceed as usual.

For candidates who must reschedule their examination due to the closing of a test center or for other reasons that make it unfeasible to take the examination during the regular April Administration window, the CVPM Board is waiving the rescheduling fees (except for last-minute no-show fees).

For candidates whose applications will expire before the August Examination Administration, the CVPM Board is extending the application deadlines to 12/31/2020. 

August 2020 Examination Administration (August 24-29, 2020)
The CVPM Board is extending the window of examination dates open during the August Administration window to accommodate candidates who need to reschedule. The entire month of August will be available.

Resource Links:

CVPM CE Requirements and Guidelines

CVPM’s Recertification Guidelines and Instructions can be found here.

Important Program Updates

Effective January 29, 2019:

Inactive Status may not exceed three (3) years, and no Inactive Status fee is required. The CVPM Board voted to approve the reduction in time to bring Inactive Status in line with current renewal cycle. The policy change affords CVPM members one extra cycle should they need it for extenuating circumstances such as significant illness, military leave, family leave, etc.

Effective January 29, 2019:

CVPMRetired Status is now available to qualifying CVPM members. CVPMRetired Status allows retiring CVPMs an option to retain their designation after they leave the profession. Members in good standing who are no longer active in the veterinary industry in any capacity may request Retired status. Fees are determined by the Board and may change from time-to-time. Retired members may use the CVPMRetired designation (the word “Retired” must be appended to the designation) to signify to the industry and public that they are no longer active and do not currently meet the program’s standards. Retired members who return to the profession in any capacity are required to successfully complete the application and examination process again to be reactivated. Retired status must be approved by the CVPM Board prior to the member’s certificate expiration.

Annual Activities

The CVPM Board is pleased to report our 2018 certificant profile report:

  • 69 CVPM certifications were awarded in 2018

  • The 2018 examination pass rate was 64%

  • At the end of 2018, there were a total of 570 CVPM members