Educational Program Proposals

Now Accepting Proposals

The VHMA Education and Program Advisory Panel (EPAG) is accepting proposals for our monthly educational webinars, single-day regional events, and annual conference programs.

Program topics must have clearly identified learning objectives linked to the CVPM Practice Analysis Outline. Topics and presentations should be targeted toward an intermediate to advanced level audience, our target audience members are CVPMs (certified managers).

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Monthly Webinars

Our educational Webinars are held monthly, typically a Wednesday or Thursday of the month from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST. The VHMA provides $500 to the speaker(s) for each Webinar event unless otherwise negotiated.

Regional Single-day Events

The VHMA presents four (4) to five (5) regional, single-day educational events annually. A minimum of six (6) hours of continuing education is required. Compensation is $400 per hour of presentation plus travel expenses unless otherwise negotiated.

Annual Conference Programs

The annual conference program includes 60- and 90-minute presentations. Presentations should include an interactive component for the attendees and provide attendees with tangible take-home tools and resources that can immediately be implemented. Compensation is $400 per hour of presentation, plus travel expenses unless otherwise negotiated.

Submissions MUST Include:

  • Program Title
  • A brief abstract of what will be covered (90 words or less)
  • Where and when the program was previously presented and/or future scheduled events
  • Contact information
  • Speaker Biography
  • References

We look forward to some exciting proposals!

Contact Us

For any questions, you might have contact Peggy O'Brien at the VHMA Office.

If you are not interested in submitting a proposal but would like to recommend a speaker please contact Peggy O'Brien directly.