Continuing Competency

Obtaining the CVPM certification is a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in veterinary practice management through continual education and association within the profession of veterinary practice management.

The CVPM’s recertification policy is based on a continuing competency requirement that seeks to ensure the certificants’ knowledge base remains current and relevant in their field as the knowledge required to perform the job changes over time. Certificants who continue to develop their professional knowledge are able to keep up with the latest technologies, as well as advancements and best practices, which can enrich the delivery of their professional services, and enable them to be more effective in serving public interest. Continuing competency entails the demonstration of specified levels of knowledge and skills not only at the time of initial certification but throughout an individual’s professional career.  Regular job task analysis and professional development studies are conducted to form the basis for the program’s requirements.

To maintain certification, the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager must accumulate forty-eight (48) continuing education hours and submit documentation along with the current recertification fee every two (2) years. Professional credits for recertification may be accumulated in a wide variety of ways. Certified managers actively involved in the profession have no difficulty maintaining certification.

Be sure you have the latest CVPM guidelines for applicable continuing education. You can find the most current guidelines on the documents and resources page.

CVPM Certification Renewal 

If you are due for renewal in the next six months an invoice for your renewal fee has been posted to your VHMA Profile. You can find your open invoices or payment receipts under Manage Profile - select Invoicing, Payments & History.

Renew CVPM Fees Online

If you are not currently due for renewal or you don't see a renewal invoice in your record but would like to pay for your CVPM renewal now - you can create your renewal invoice for payment by purchasing this store item.

If you do not have the ability to scan your documents for online submission, you may submit your paper documentation to the VHMA Office along with a $50 administrative fee for the staff to process.

Recertification Instructions


You can apply existing VHMA education credits to your certification renewal requirements by clicking on the journal entry in your Professional Development Journal and selecting the appropriate recertification based on YOUR renewal date. For example, if your renewal date is 07/01/2017 you would edit the journal entry (click the paper/pencil icon) to change the certification code from UNASSIGNED to Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) Recertification 07/01/2017. Remember that your applicable continuing education must have been earned during your renewal cycle - for a 07/01/2017 renewal date. Only apply education that falls within your renewal cycle.

If renewal date = 07/01/2024: applicable CE must be earned between July 1, 2022 – July 1, 2024*
If renewal date = 07/01/2025: applicable CE must be earned between July 1, 2023 – July 1, 2025*
If renewal date = 07/01/2026: applicable CE must be earned between July 1, 2024 – July 1, 2026
If renewal date = 07/01/2027: applicable CE must be earned between July 1, 2025 – July 1, 2027

* Please note program updates applicable to this group.

If this is your first renewal: you can apply any continuing education earned after their certification date to the renewal date. This only applies to a member’s first renewal.

You may also create a journal entry for events that were not presented by the VHMA (click the Journal Entries tab, then + Add Entry).

IMPORTANT: each event (not each program at the event) should be a separate journal entry. The entry date is the date you were awarded the continuing education hours. Each non-VHMA event must be supported with documentation. All continuing education must be documented to be accepted. A certificate of attendance, certificate of completion, transcript or certificate of participation (detailing which sessions you attended) are acceptable as proof of continuing education. For events with multiple programs and tracks a certificate of participation will be requested. The certificate of attendance should include your name, identify the event provider, the event name, the event date and location (if applicable), the delivery method, and total management hours awarded.

Be sure to review the current CVPM continuing education guidelines to be sure your entry is applicable.

Select CEU - Qualified Classroom Event for face classes, conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, roundtable sessions, and symposiums. College or university courses taken in the classroom for academic credit at an accredited academic institution may be applied here, 1 semester hour = 6 CE hours.

Select CEU - Qualified E-Learning for asynchronous and synchronous learning programs delivered electronically. Live Webinars, Webcasts and Videoconferences. College or university courses delivered electronically for academic credit at an accredited academic institution may be applied here, 1 semester hour = 6 CE hours.

Select CEU - Qualified Instruction or Writing for instruction: 1.5 hours of CE is accepted for every 1 hour of presentation time. Credit is accepted only once per program/topic. Writing: 1 hour of CE is accepted for a published article, chapter or book.

Once all of the requirements are met and approved for the renewal your recertification will be marked complete, you will be notified by email and you may print a recertification certificate.

You can always find your CVPM certification date and current renewal due date on your Profile page, both are displayed toward the bottom of the page.