Let Us Celebrate Your Success!

By Brian Conrad posted 04-26-2016 13:32


Most managers and administrators in veterinary hospitals are moving at such breakneck speed and in so many directions at once, it makes most dizzy to watch. We often live by the mantra “just get er’ done” – at all costs. While some of us thrive on this chaos, it does have its negative ramifications. Set aside the stress and drain we place on ourselves and our staff, we often don’t stop to take the time to reflect on what has been accomplished because we are moving too fast to look back.

This has been an area in which I have failed over the years; stopping the chaos for a few moments to celebrate the successes and appreciating how far we have come. To this end, I am pleased to announce that VHMA has partnered with Advanstar/DVM360 to help us celebrate the successes that managers have accomplished through the Practice Manager of the Year Award. This award celebrates managers who are the backbone of financially sound, well-led and inspired veterinary hospitals and practices. Practice managers play a pivotal role in helping these organizations address a wide array of challenging issues while ensuring that an environment in which staff, clients and patients can flourish is maintained. That is no small feat!So let’s stop to take the time to acknowledge it!

You have already done so much, let us support you now! Not only does the Practice Manager of the Year enjoy the recognition of the title but the award supports their ongoing professional development. The award winner receives three (yes 3!) complimentary conference registrations with a travel stipend, a complimentary membership to the VHMA and one-year membership to the Firstline Editorial Advisory Board. How is that for support?

Visit the VHMA website for more details. This is an incredible opportunity and one you need to pump the brakes and take the time to apply for.

Brian C. Conrad, CVPM
VHMA President