2019 Regional Workshop

How to improve Business outcomes through workplace well-being

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How to Improve Business Outcomes Through Workplace Well-being

Studies show, workplaces with high employee well-being enjoy increased employee and client retention, productivity, innovation, and a sustained boost in profits. During this workshop, Josh and Marianne will demystify psychological well-being and guide participants through a process to increase it in their workplace. Attendees will gain an understanding of the benefits of workplace well-being, while acquiring actionable tools for nurturing a hospital culture in which team members are engaged and the organization thrives.

Attendees will learn

  • A deep understanding of the scientific definition of well-being
  • The strong impact workplace environment has on personal well-being, both positive and negative
  • The business case for a well-being focused workplace
  • Actionable tools and practices to foster Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement (PERMA) in the workplace for individuals, teams, and leaders
  • What a PERMA based organization looks like

Finally, attendees will put their new tools and information to use in creating a plan for a fictional veterinary hospital. This interactive component will give participants first-hand experience in developing a basic plan to cultivate a workplace of well-being, a process that can be replicated in their own practice.

6 Continuing Education hours are available.

  • Multiple team members from each practice are encouraged to attend.
  • Seating is limited at each event.


Marianne Mallonee, CVPM

Marianne Mallonee, CVPM

Marianne began her adventure in veterinary medicine in 1988 and entered into the management world in the mid-1990s. Her defining role was owner and leader of Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, a large specialty, emergency and general practice hospital.  However, after helping navigate the large-scale merger and creation of Ethos Veterinary Health, she found herself in a new reality of having spent all of her energy. Recognizing that a leader can’t lead on empty, she made the toughest decision of her life and stepped away from her position in the company she loved. Since then she’s committed to rejuvenating herself and having a positive impact on others by helping folks in the veterinary field (and beyond) grow, thrive, and flourish. Marianne has certificates in Change Management, Extended DISC and Positive Psychology and is a certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method practitioner.

Josh Vaisman

Josh Vaisman

Josh has been a proud member of the veterinary community since 1995. In 2009, he took the leap into practice management and ownership, and continued in those roles in two small-animal hospitals until 2018. A lifetime optimist and overall “happy guy,” Josh was shocked to find himself feeling spent, alone, and crying over breakfast while his surprised wife looked on with disbelief. Recognizing he had burnt himself out, he made the difficult decision to step away and recapture his authentic self. Since then he’s dedicated his professional trajectory to elevating veterinary staff and teams so they can authentically flourish in their work. To that end he’s obtained certificates in areas such as Positive Psychology, Workplace Culture, and Building Effective Teams and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

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Fees & Cancellation 

VHMA Members
  • $275 per person, per event
Non Members
  • $490 per person, per event (rate includes discounted VHMA membership)

Cancellation Policy
For cancellations received in writing two weeks prior to the event, all fees, other than a $25 processing fee, will be refunded. After the two week deadline, no refunds will be issued.

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