CVPMs Share Their Insights - How has the CVPM Certification Process Improved Your Relationship with
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How has the CVPM Certification Process Improved Your Relationship with the Practice Owner?

Earning the CVPM credential is an accomplishment that distinguishes practice managers from their peers. What is the precise impact of the credential? To determine the answer, VHMA asked our CVPMs. Here is what they had to say:

Responses fell into three areas: My professional credibility has been enhanced, I have earned the respect of the owner, and, The owner is more confident in my ability and my commitment to the practice.


As a veterinary practice consultant, the CVPM certification gives me greater credibility with practice owners. Sometimes getting a veterinarian to listen to management changes is challenging---many are accustomed to being in charge and doing things their way. The CVPM credential---coupled with professional experience--- positions the CVPM as someone at the top of their profession. Managers interested in advancing their careers should pursue the CVPM. The CVPM is a stamp of approval that validates the hard work it takes to gain excellence in veterinary management.

As a CVPM, the practice owner is interested in my opinions because the certification process has provided me with education and knowledge to support my contributions.


The study questions that are presented during the certification process are consistent with situations that arise in practice. By using the study materials as a framework to problem solve and present effective solutions, I have gained the respect of the practice owner. The owner and associate veterinarian respect my knowledge and rarely question my judgment.

The practice owner has great respect for CVPM credential and is proud that I have earned it.


Both my former and current employers have confidence in my skills and abilities because of what I’ve learned as a CVPM.

There is also a sense of confidence that I am committed to the profession for the long term because of the time and energy that I invested in the CVPM credential.


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