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Advertising Opportunities

Reach up to 4,000+ Veterinary Hospital Decision-Makers and Influencers through VHMA – Their Trusted Source for Community and Information.

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, Inc. (VHMA) is an international professional association, created in 1981, by and for veterinary hospital managers. The association’s guiding principles include the pursuit of excellence in practice management, opening channels of communication and networking among practices. Over 4,000 hospital managers, veterinarians, technicians, and consultants belong to the VHMA.

95% of VHMA Members said they made the final decision or their opinion carried significant weight*
*Membership survey results as of October 2020.

VHMA Supporting Sponsor Packages

If you want to go beyond exposure and join VHMA in influencing the delivery of veterinary medicine, consider becoming a VHMA Supporting Sponsor. The VHMA Supporting Sponsorship provides an opportunity for veterinary industry stakeholders to join the VHMA in advancing and assuring a high overall quality of professional service in the veterinary field.  There are are three different advertising package options with bundled savings from $3k to $6.4k.

VHMA Supporting Sponsor Packages.pdf

If you have questions or would like additional information contact Kelli Albarado, Director of Business Development at 518-433-8911 x9 or kelli@vhma.org.

Product & Service Reviews Advertising

VHMA Product and Service Reviews (PSR) provides candid evaluations from vet pros “in the know.” Enhance your company listing, respond to reviews, and receive leads with a PSR Advertising Package.

Advertising Package includes:

  • Listed towards the top search area on listings page
  • Listing displayed with a silver border and trophy
  • Receive email notifications of new reviews and followers
  • Receive leads/contact form notifications
  • See reviews on all listings, including your own
  • Edit your listing’s logo
  • Edit your listing’s short description
  • Edit your listing’s full description page
  • Respond to reviews on your own listing
  • Cost: $599 per year

Product & Service Reviews Website

Webinar Sponsorship

Sponsorship includes:
  • One 30 second video to be played at the beginning of the webinar
  • Sponsor recognition on the VHMA website (webinar page)
  • Logo recognition on all email blasts to membership
  • Logo recognition on the frame of the live webinar
  • Cost: $1,500/webinar or $4,000 for three webinars
Webinar Schedule

Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsorship includes:
  • Company logo on the website landing page and email announcements with link to your url
  • 30 second pre-recorded audio announcement at beginning of podcast. Script provided by sponsor.
  • “Sponsored by” announcement during podcast by host, “This podcast brought to you through the financial support of [company name]”
  • Opportunity to submit Podcast topics and subject matter podcast guests to EPAG for approval
  • Cost: $1,500/podcast or $4,000 for three podcasts
Podcast Schedule

Practice Pulse eNewsletter Advertising

Circulation as of September 2020: 3,816

VHMA’s Practice Pulse is a monthly content-rich newsletter that aggregates association information, updates, resources, and management insights.

Banner Ad
  • Limited Availability (4 ad spaces per issue)
  • Banner Size: 903 x 200
  • Cost: $650/ea
Sponsored Article
  • Limited Availability (2 articles per issue)
  • Article provided by sponsor with educational purpose (can be product/service specific)
  • Sponsor recognition
  • Cost: $550/ea

Ad Retargeting


Why Retargeting?
Retargeting uses cookies to track visitors on the VHMA website and reaches those same visitors with ads on other sites. Now you can advertise directly to professionals making purchasing decisions for their hospital.

Guaranteed Reach

Ad retargeting guarantees sustained, specific exposure to the exact qualified audience you’re trying to reach. No more guessing whether or not your ads are reaching the right people or if they’re being seen by your potential customers.

Quantifiable ROI

Detailed analytics & reporting allow you to see your ad campaign results in real-time, including number of times your ad has been seen, number of clicks on your ad, and the geographical locations of where your ad has reached.

Ad Retargeting.pdf

If you have questions or would like additional information contact Kelli Albarado, Director of Business Development at 518-433-8911 x9 or kelli@vhma.org.

Annual Meeting & Conference


Contact the VHMA Office for advertising or sponsorship questions.