Veterinary Hospital Managers Association Welcomes VitusVet, Silver Business Alliance Partner

By VHMA Admin posted 01-28-2020 15:29



The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA), an association dedicated to enhancing and supporting veterinary management professionals through education, certification, resources, and networking, has announced that pet care technology company VitusVet has partnered with the VHMA as a Silver Business Alliance Partner.

The VHMA Business Alliance Partner Program offers opportunities for veterinary industry stakeholders to join the VHMA in advancing and assuring a high overall quality of professional service in the veterinary field. Through its unique client management platform incorporating innovative communication and payment tools, VitusVet helps veterinary practices and staff deliver better, more affordable pet care while boosting their own bottom line.

“The VHMA values the relationships it has established with companies and individuals in the veterinary industry. By partnering with VitusVet, which offers web-based practice management solutions, VHMA will be able to bring even more value to our members,” said Christine Shupe, CAE, VHMA Executive Director. 

“Veterinary hospital and practice managers are the unsung heroes of the veterinary world, passionately delivering care and support to deserving animals and their families,” said Mark Olcott, DVM, CEO and co-founder of VitusVet. “VHMA is a remarkable organization, and we are honored to support their mission providing the necessary education, tools, and more for these veterinary professionals.”

About the VHMA

The VHMA is a nationally recognized thought-leader and innovator in providing training, education, and resources to more than 3,900 members and a trusted resource that the veterinary sector relies on for industry insights, research, and advocacy to assure performance at the highest levels. VHMA's core purpose is to advance and support veterinary practice management professionals by developing professional competence, supporting and encouraging standards through the industry's highest-level certification program, the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM), and providing individuals with a network for professional connection and support. Learn more

About VitusVet

VitusVet strengthens the connection between pet care providers and pet owners to help practices run more efficiently and ensure the health and happiness of pets. Founded in 2013, VitusVet's complete veterinary practice communication platform streamlines appointment requests, enables text and picture messaging with pet owners, simplifies digital medical record sharing, and monitors practice performance with an easy-to-use dashboard. Learn more about VitusVet at