Digital Media Management

By Martha Jack posted 06-23-2019 00:00


Digital MarketingMost practices are spending more time and money on marketing activities than they used to keep their practices growing and keep clients bonded to the hospital. Digital media can be time-consuming to manage, and the practices who do it most successfully have clearly assigned team roles and a detailed digital marketing plan that keeps everyone on schedule and moving towards the same goal. This month's Insiders’ Insight survey takes a look at how practices do this.

When asked “Who created your practice website?” about 23% of the practices did this all themselves; for 45% of the practices, it was a combined effort between the practice team and an outside marketing company. About 1/3 of the respondents said that an outside marketing group did essentially all of the work.

When asked, “Who manages or maintains the content on your practice website?”. A little over 50% of the practices indicated this work is done by various members of the practice team with practice managers having the primary responsibility. In 38% of the practices, it is a joint effort between the practice team and the outside marketing company.

Most practices use digital media beyond a website, and this question asked: “Who manages your practice’s social media programs?”. In 80% of the practices, this is done by the practice team. In about 19% of the practices, an outside marketing firm works with the practice to manage the social media programs.

Online reviews are of big interest and concern to practices, and there, of course, needs to be a process in place to address these comments. 60% of the respondents indicated this is the practice manager’s responsibility, and in another 32% of the practices, other team members do this job. Very few practices use an outside marketing company to deal with online reviews.

Some practices have blogs and/or online newsletters. 40% of the respondents indicated that the practice manager performs this task. Other team members have the primary responsibility in about 36% of the practices. About ¼ of the responding practices involve their outside marketing company in managing their blogs and newsletters.

Video content is a part of many practice’s digital marketing; therefore, survey respondents were asked: “Who creates your practice’s video marketing content?”. About 60% of the practices do this in-house, and a wide variety of team members are involved. About 20% of the practices outsource this task to an outside marketing company, and about 20% of the practices work together with their outside marketing company to create this content. Responses were similar when asked, who manages the video marketing program.

About 50% of the respondents said their practices don’t use Google Ads. Of the 50% who do, a little over ½ of them create the ads in-house, about 1/3 outsource this task, and the rest create them jointly with their outside marketing firm.

About 29% of the respondents said their practice doesn’t have a mobile app. 51% of the practices outsourced the creation of the app to an outside marketing firm, and the others were split fairly evenly between creating the app totally in-house and sharing the creation with their outside marketing firm. About 27% leave the content management to their outside marketing firm while 26% do this in-house and 19% share the responsibility jointly between their practice team and outside marketing firm.

Digital marketing is, of course, just one component of a practice’s overall marketing plan, and it is critical that a practice look at the big picture before diving into the use of specific marketing tactics. Read the full report for big-picture marketing tips »